The University of Manchester Wine Club

Christmas Tasting 2015


On arrival 

1 Cremant de Jura, Philippe Michel, 2012, 12%, France, Aldi         £7.29 

Jura is a small Appellation Contrôlée in France, on the border with Switzerland.  

Fantastically crisp and elegant with green apples, perfect acidity and persistent bubbles. Made from 100% Chardonnay this wine has a sophisticated subtlety with stimulating fresh citrus notes and a lovely length.  

White Wines  

2 Signature Gruner Veltliner, 2014, 12.5%, Austria, Morrisons     £8.00   

Gruner Veltliner is the most widely planted grape variety in Austria. This wine is fresh and crisp, with citrus aromas, delicate peach flavours and a hint of white pepper.  This peachy and zesty white is a marvel.

3 Palataia Pinot Grigio, 2014, 12.5%, Pfalz, Germany, Marks and Spencer   £10.00 

The Pinot Grigio grape makes some of the most popular fruity white wines, and is grown in many different parts of the world. This unoaked example comes from the Pfalz region of Germany and is made from 85% Pinot Grigio grapes blended with 15% Pinot Bianco. The winemakers were Matthias Gaul and Gerd Stepp. It is a premium, dry modern Pinot Grigio with succulent fruity flavours of apple, melon and pear. The finish is fresh and crisp. 

4 Weissburgunder Selection, Martin & Andrea Hirtl,,   2013, 13%, Austria, Naked Wines, £14.99 (Angel’s price) 

Weissburgunder is also known as: Klevner (Austria), Pinot Blanc (Austria), Beli Pinot (Hungary), Pinot Bianco (Spain), Pinot Blanc (United States). Some say the Austrians make the best wines around from this variety. Some also say that you can detect notes of pear, apple, peach, yeast, a bit of spice and general freshness topped off with a really enjoyable slightly honeyed finish 



With the food 

5 Gruner Veltliner, Landhaus Mayer, 2014, 12%, Austria, Naked Wines £8.99, (Angel’s price) 

Soft fresh, lightly fruited nose. The first mouthful is light lemon sherbet, to which is added pineapple with a twist of lime. This is rounded with a touch of butter. 


6 Palataia Pinot Noir, 2014, 13.5%, Pfalz, Germany, M&S     £10.00 


 A stylish and complex Pinot Noir that is scented, seductive and lingering. Aromas of ripe summer berries and raspberry leaf are complemented by an underlying gamey flavour in this multi-layered and highly impressive wine. Made by long-time M&S winemakers Gerd Stepp and Matthias Gaul, they added a touch of oak for roundness. 


Red Wines  


7 Pinot Noir/Gamay, Vin de Pays, 2009, 13%, Switzerland, Vineyard, Ramsbottom £12.50 


Wine has been grown in Switzerland for 2000 years, yet very little is known about these wines outside the country.  That is because the swiss drink most of it. 

Pinot Noir/Gamay is a blend of two grape varieties that makes approachable, rustic wines in Switzerland (where it may be known as Dole). The wine's weight is fairly light with aromas of sour cherry, cranberry and leather characteristics. Commonly associated flavor profiles are fairly simple and include raspberry, strawberry and cherry. 


8 Pinot Noir, Stepp, Pfalz, Germany 2014, 13.5%. Naked Wines £13.49 (Angel’s price) Also available from Reserve Wines, West Didsbury, £15.99 


This wine has a lightish ruby-violet colour and shows raspberry, blackberry and herbal aromas with hints of smoky oak and pepper. It is balanced by youthful, red berry and liquorice flavours plus an inviting herbal quality that is backed by moderately assertive tannins. 



9 Blauer Zweigelt,  2013, 13%, Wachau Valley,  Austria, Vineyard, Ramsbottom £11.45 

Zweigelt –also known as Rotburger, Zweigeltrebe, and Blauer Zweigelt -is a crossing of Saint-Laurent and Blaufrankisch grapes, created by Dr Friedrich Zweigelt, in 1922 - is the most widely planted red-wine grape in Austria. The grape has inherited desirable characteristics from both of its parent varieties bright, Pinot-like cherry aromas and the ability to create silky, elegant wines from Saint-Laurent, spiciness and good acidity from Blaufrankisch.  A classic Austrian Zweigelt is richly coloured with a deep, bright core of spiced cherry and raspberry flavours.  

Dessert Wine 


10 Riesling Auslese, Preussens Gloria, 2003, 11%, Aldi £9.99 


From the steep slate slopes of Germany’s best-known wine region, this rare Rheingau wine boasts peach, pineapple and melon aromas, with a rich sweetness that is beautifully balanced by its fresh citrus acidity. Delicious with desserts or salty cheeses.