Upcoming Events

Current Year 2016-2017

March 2017: Dinner at Smiths

February 2017: Sweet Wines by Louis Quesnel

Current Year 2015-2016

November 2016: Repeat Orders by Dick Parish

October 2016: Wines of Portugal by Stewart Rothwell

Summer tasting 2016: Christies Bistro

May 2016: Comparative tasting of South Africa Wines

April 2016: Back in Time for Wine by Emma Lowe

March 2016: Wine Club Dinner at Smith's Restaurant

February 2016: Call My Bluff by 34 Wines Altrincham

January 2016: Wines of Italy by Louis Quesnel

Christmas tasting 2015: at Christies Bistro

November 4th: Vins du Ventoux by Dick Parish

Current year 2014-2015

July 2nd: Summer Tasting Event

April 1st: Less Usual wines by Angus McDougall

February 4th: Wines of Western Languedoc by Louis Quesnel

January 7th: Antipodean Wines by Lisa Moreton

December 3rd: Christmas tasting by Keith White and Stefan Gabriel

November 5th: "Through the meal" With Dick and Elizabeth Parish

October 1st: AGM Tasting


Past events 2013-2014

July 1st: Summer Tasting Event

May 14th: Burgundy Wines

April 9th: Wines from New Zealand

March 12th: Wines from less usual places

February 12th: Terra d'Alter tasting from The Bakerie

January 8th: Wines of South Western France

Christmas Tasting from The Vineyard

November 13th: Wines from Alsace

October 9th: Lesser Wines from France


Past events 2012-2013

Taster Tasting

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January  February  March

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Summer Tasting 2013