The University of Manchester Wine Club

Wednesday, 1st February, 2017


One Wine Two Tastes - The Secret of Sweet

Presented by Louis Quesnel


The tasting is designed to compare the taste differences between the dry and sweet versions of four different types of grape. Are the sweet versions just a more sugary version of the dry wines or are the flavours quite different; and, if so, why are they???


1. Optimist Old Vine Semillon 2015                                                                       

2. Ch. de Grangemont, Semillon, Moelleux   2013                                                



3. Arabella Viognier 2016                                                                                       

4.Sam Plunkett Halo effect Viognier 2015, 50cl.                                                  



5. Nespoli da Maggio, 2015                                                                                    

6. Ch. Vartely Chardonnay Dulce 2013, 50cl.



7. Mas Neuf Muscat sec 2015                                                                                 

8. Domaine de Coyeux, Muscat de Beaume-de-Venises 2009,


PLUS.................FOR FUN: Chariot d'Or, Jura 1976; Monbazillac 1990; Cadillac 1995