The University of Manchester Wine Club

Summer Event, 2nd July, 2015


“Buying Fairtrade wine helps ensure that farmers and workers are receiving a fair price – as well as an additional premium to help their community invest in essential services such as education, sanitation and health care.

Fairtrade Standards are designed to improve employment conditions and protect the rights of workers on wine grape plantations and to support small wine grape farmers’ organisations in gaining more control within supply chains and increase their incomes. There are 48 Fairtrade wine producer organisations worldwide, across South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Tunisia and Lebanon.

South Africa is the largest producer of Fairtrade wine globally, with 28 producer organisations, and accounted for two-thirds of Fairtrade wine sales in 2013. Chile also produces a high proportion of Fairtrade wine, with 10 producer organisations in country. Both of these countries have been witness to unique economic, social and political challenges.

Fairtrade Standards include the Fairtrade Minimum Price that aims to cover small wine grape farmers’ costs of production. Fairtrade certified plantations must provide decent working conditions for workers and protect their rights in line with core International Labour Organization Conventions; including the right to join a trade union, a safe and healthy environment and no discrimination or child labour. More than 50 manufacturers and plantations work with Fairtrade to make quality wine that makes a difference to people’s lives.

More than 11 million litres of Fairtrade wine was drunk in the UK last year. So raise your glass of Fairtrade wine - every bottle that you buy can have an impact on the lives of the farmers and workers who grew the grapes.". Visit for more information! 



Wines to be tasted:


Prosecco Spumante Borgo di Sassi by Alessandro Botter, Italy, Naked Wines, £12.99

An ethically produced fizz. This Prosecco is Alessandro’s pride and joy. Pale lemon; light mineral nose; dry, medium acidity. Some apple, peach and citrus. Good on its own or with risotto and seafood.

Tasting White 1

Six Hats Chenin Blanc 2014, 12.5%, South Africa, M&S, £8   

Aromas of fresh lime and melon combined with peachy flavours and refreshing citrus finish. Produced by Citrusdal wines from Fairtrade certified vineyards in the Western, which ensures growers are paid a fair price for their grapes and allows investment in the local community. Wine maker Jaco Brand has left this wine unoaked to retain the fresh fruit flavours. A perfect partner for sweet and sour pork or light creamy pasta dishes.

Tasting White 2   

Charles Back Stonedance Roussane 2013, 13.5%, South Africa, M&S £10

Roussane; a rarity in South Africa, but this deliciously moreish, medium-bodied, dry white wine shows just what can be produced in the right hands.  Using grapes grown in Mediterranean climate of Paarl the producer has brought out the natural apple, peach and pear aromas that are so enticing with Roussane but kept the fresh, clean quince and fennel flavours that also belong. A small percentage of wine, aged briefly in oak, enhances the creamy texture without dominating. The result is a satisfying mouthful that finishes clean and fresh. 

Tasting White 3

Fair Exchange Colombard Sauvignon Blanc 2012, 12% , South Africa, Morrisons £9.99
Sourced from some of South Africa's finest Fairtrade vineyards, this cracking varietal bend is a perfectly balanced tipple from its lemon and lime colour to the gooseberry and citrus zing and big creamy ripe fruit flavours. Try it with some fresh steamed asparagus as the perfect starter, or simply chill and drink as an aperitif. Either way you'll be happy in the knowledge you're drinking a fabulous wine that comes with the stamp of Fairtrade approval. 

White Quaffer

Rambling River Fairtrade Sauvignon Blanc 2014, 12.5%, South Africa. Sainsbury’s £8

The refreshing Sauvignon Blanc grape is perfectly at home in South Africa. The diverse growing regions make for wines that can be nice and grassy with plenty of grapefruit and green apple skins.     This one is described as crisp and delicate, with passion fruit aromas, lingering tropical fruit flavours and a lingering mineral finish.  Should go well with spicy dishes and seafood.


Red Quaffer

Fairhills Fairtrade Shiraz Merlot 2014, 13.5%, Soth Africa, Morrisons £6
A complex, yet fruity wine with aromas of small berries and blackcurrant, following through on the well balanced palate. Enjoy with pasta, red meat dishes and matured cheese.

Tasting Red 1 

Stellenbosch Drive Shiraz 2014, 14.5%, South Africa, Coop, £6.99

The wine has a bright red colour with prominent red berry and plum aromas, violet and spicy undertones.  Full bodied with structured elegant tannins

Tasting Red 2

Taste the Difference Morador Malbec   2013, 14%,    Argentina,  Sainsbury's £8
A rich full flavoured Malbec. Fruit-driven, powerful and tannic with a long taste. Smooth and full of great flavours, blackcurrant and damson. Described by Susy Atkins as ‘as very cherry, with a hint of chocolate and twist of sour cherrydrop on the end, cuts through rich pasta sauces’

Tasting Red 3

Running Duck Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013, 14%, South Africa, The Vineyard, Ramsbottom, £9.99

Stellar Winery is South Africa’s largest producer of fine organic, fair trade wines. The cellar is situated at Kys Halte, just outside the Namaqualand town of Vredendal in the Western Cape Province. Runner ducks (below) eating insects and snails in the vineyards mean no need for insecticides and harsh chemicals and this wine is organic with no sulphur added. A pure expression of Cabernet Sauvignon, with bright blackcurrant fruit characters and a touch of fresh raspberry. Medium-bodied and silky smooth.

Runner Ducks